Irma Grese. Zika - March 18, 2020. RELATED: 9 O.G. The win marks only the third time, in the 29-year history of the New York Lottery's Lotto game, that a player has become a jackpot winner twice. As Discovery News' Alyssa Danigelis reported last year: "Each spindly robot is mounted on a box and contains motors, gears and sensors that allow it to move around at human-height. According to New York Daily News, he would take her on drives, and the pair were reported to have started a sexual relationship. However, they continued to get into trouble with the law, and Catherine was jailed. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Champion Barrow met in Texas in 1930. Love rests on no foundation. When they first met in 1977, they seemed like a relatively normal couple. The Biggest Political Scandals in American History. She secluded herself from the public and donned black for the rest of her life, a full four decades after Albert's passing. Each professed their love for the other in their last words. In 1982 they ended up torturing and killing two women, the first a girl just aged 13 — who Judith shot — and the second a young engaged couple. They had an odd appearance and Daniel even filed his teeth to look more like a vampire. The participants were all tested for STDs, because safety first. According to reports, the couple killed five elderly people at a nursing home during January and February of 1987. Mary Frances Creighton, her husband, John Creighton, and their daughter, Ruth, moved to Baldwin, New York, where they met a couple, Everett and Ada Appelgate. 10. That crazy thing we call love is perhaps one of the most studied and least understood areas in psychology. As you’re reading this, you probably already have an idea of some of the most evil people in the history of the world. And honestly, it never will be—at least not for us. Eighty-one percent of happily married couples said their partner’s friends and family rarely interfered with the relationship, compared to just 38% of unhappy couples. ... That is beyond crazy. And, being human many had their quirks and fancies, while some others had strange things happen to them. The whole act was choreographed so that couples were having sex at the same positions and at the same rhythm. Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow were a pair of American outlaws who seemed to have as much a passion for the fast life as they did for one another. Even a child fell victim to their violent streak. SEE ALSO: What Bonnie and Clyde Left Behind. But behind their seemingly normal facades, these two were one of history’s most cruel and twisted couples. But as dim as a lonely life can look, love can be downright dark at times. Here are the ten best secrets Hollywood ever kept. SEE ALSO: Animal Pairs Prove Love Is Blind, SEE ALSO: Brain Takes Less Than Second to Fall in Love, SEE ALSO: Secret and Sordid Sex Lives of Scientists, and couples luring unsuspecting people through those ads in order to murder them, SEE ALSO: Most Wanted Women: FBI's Female Felons: Photos, SEE ALSO: Personal Manifestos: Never a Good Sign, SEE ALSO: Celebrity Deaths: Homicidal and Accidental, Discovery News' Alyssa Danigelis reported last year, SEE ALSO: A.I. ThePremium offers ad free access to all TheClever content and so much more. Their crimes were horrific, and became known as “The Moors Murders” because of where they buried the bodies. In fact, out of all of the couples on this list, they seem the most normal of the bunch. Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka were dubbed by the media as “the Ken and Barbie Killers” because of their good looks. The families started living together because it was the Great Depression, and money was scarce. 9. Some lovey-dovey couples are so in sync that they even start physically looking alike after a while. They died in a hail of gunfire, succumbing to dozens of bullet wounds. 10. 1. Sorry to disappoint you, Anna gave birth to a perfectly normal baby. 18 Super-Evil Screen Couples Who Prove That Love Is For Everyone ... day at the helipad from their history, these two deliver nothing but slightly self-interested love. Before there were Craigslist personal ads -- and couples luring unsuspecting people through those ads in order to murder them -- there were lonely hearts ads, which were the fashion for crazed couples looking for deadly thrills. Adele and Emma (Blue Is the Warmest Color) Think: Young love, with a whole bunch of twists. John Brown, with whom Victoria shared a close, though platonic, relationship for 30 years, would be the queen's medium when she wanted to speak with Albert, and she reportedly kept detailed notes of their discussions. Between the years of 1963 and 1965, the couple killed five victims, ranging between the ages of 10 and 17. Carol M. Bundy and Doug Clark were known as “The Sunset Strip Killers” for their crimes, which took place in the area of Los Angeles of the same name. That is, until he had the bright idea of bringing de Hoyos' decomposing corpse home with him. German couple Daniel and Manuela Ruda reportedly met in 2000 after Daniel posted a personal ad in a heavy metal music magazine. In this slideshow, explore some of the most insane couples in history. But the Marquis was married and did claim to love his wife, Renee-Pelagie de Sade, and she in turn was devoted to him. While most criminals work alone, there have been a number of very high profile criminal couples through history. Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade, the man whose name and reputation brought us the term "sadism," is not someone whom you would expect to be much for marriage. While we know the circumstances surrounding many of these killers, we can never truly know the answers as to why they committed these crimes. Hackert’s death was reportedly part of a ritualistic killing so that they could drink his blood. She was reportedly borderline mentally disabled, according to Rolling Stone. Irma Ida Ilse Grese (born 7 October 1923, Wrechen, Free State of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Germany – died 13 December 1945, Hamelin, Germany) was employed at the Nazi concentration camps of Ravensbrück and Auschwitz, and was a warden of the women’s section of Bergen-Belsen. Charles Darwin was the father of evolution, author of On the Origin of Species, and a faithful husband to Emma Wedgwood Darwin, his first cousin.. While the United States had the Lonely Hearts Killers, on the other side of the pond, the United Kingdom had the Moors murderers, another couple who famously came together as serial killers. Please whitelist TheClever or disable your ad blocker to continue. Just because Albert was dead, however, didn't mean that Victoria thought he was out of touch. According to reports, their sex life was definitely not vanilla! Please support TheClever so we can continue providing you with great content! From 1963 to 1965, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley committed a series of murders, with four children and a teenager as their victims. Want to see what the future of love looks like? She was aged 14 when she met Starkweather through their mutual friends. They were arrested a year later when Wood confessed the crimes to her ex-husband. At the time she was aged 19 and already married to Roy Thornton, who was serving time behind bars. Charlene was reportedly sexually submissive, while Gerald was the dominate. The duo buried their victims at Saddleworh Moor and even took photos of themselves smiling at the burial site. It still isn't over. Hollywood history is littered with these types of sordid relationships — with the couples involved and the films that helped make them forever immortalized. Homolka was offered a plea deal by prosecutors and reportedly only received a 12-year sentence for her role. 14 / 37. If case there was any doubt that love could triumph even over death, look no further than the case of Carl Tanzler, a man who's Valentine's Day is a lot more like everyone else's Halloween, except darker. She was released from prison in 2005. 250 men and women gathered in Japan to have sex at the same time and same place to create the world’s largest orgy. Bundy had been in a number of abusive relationships before she met Clark at a bar in 1980. In comparison, Myra Hindley had a normal childhood. Though the books and our knowledge have immortalized them, they were humans too. Ian Brady had a very tough upbringing. A closer investigation of the greatest love stories in history reveals that many of the most famous lovers met a tragic end. The couple met at their work; Brady was working as a sales clerk, and Hindley was a secretary. Anybody who thinks money can't buy love -- or at least an approximation of it -- never got the opportunity to meet Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall. Their crimes lasted for five weeks in 1986, during which they killed four women at their Moorhouse Street home — which is why they were nicknamed “The Moorhouse Murders”. Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka were dubbed by the media as “the Ken and Barbie Killers” because of their good looks. Catherine reportedly met David through mutual friends when they were adolescents — she was aged 12 and he was 14. She fell for him immediately, and according to reports, he moved into her apartment that same night. Of the seven children that lived, three were infertile (Darwin thoroughly recorded the status of his health and the health of his family). Suzan was a divorced mother-of-two, and Carson also found himself single — he reportedly turned violent within the last year of his marriage, which resulted in his wife leaving him. As close to love-at-first-sight as any romantic relationship, the two were seemingly inseparable during their 17 years together, which resulted in nine children. The two attended the same school where they met each other and fell in love. The lives only half-lived, the subtle nuances of growing love, and two stunning performances are what lands this duo as one of the best movie couples of … From the beginning of their relationship, they enjoyed a life of crime and committed robberies. All but one of the victims, Keith Bennett, were discovered by police, who had the assistance of the killers in tracking the remains down. Together, the couple had ten children, three of which died at a young age. They had intended to seduce and rob women through the ads, with Beck pretending to be Fernandez’ sister or sister-in-law. Charlene had been married twice before meeting Gerald, while he had been married seven times. It was the disapproval of Fugate’s mother and her stepfather that would cause their murder spree. She had two children, one from a one-night stand, and another from a brief marriage; so when she met Fernandez — who thought of himself as a bit of a ladies man — she fell fast. In 1978, the couple started their abduction and killing, and by 1980 they had killed ten victims, mostly teenagers. When she discovered that Roosevelt was having an affair with her social secretary, Lucy Mercer, Eleanor proposed divorce. The situation reached an apex recently when sister Chyna Phillips was hospitalized for anxiety relating to the issue. He started commiting his own crimes at the age of 13. It is an endless ocean, with no beginning or end. Wild Bunch 14. When they first met in 1979, Judith was aged 15, and Alvin was aged 26. The list excludes killers who are children and high school killers. Surprisingly, even fictional characters from movies and television have impacted our lives. Hindley died in prison in 2002, and Brady, diagnosed as criminally insane in 1985, is still alive today. Whether real-life or mythical, their stories continue to inspire us till date. [7] Nearly 60% of married adults have had at least one affair. In no particular order, the top 10 partners in crime. It is believed that Suzan, who was ten years older than Carson, was the mastermind behind the crimes, which resulted in them killing three people before being arrested after a high-speed chase with the Los Angeles Police Department. If Fernandez showed any interest in the potential victim, however, Beck would get violently jealous with both her victim and her accomplice. It could have been a lot more had they not been stopped, because people on their hit list included Johnny Carson and President Ronald Reagan. Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de … Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. He was also married at the time, but got divorced and impregnated Judith shortly after. Then in 1981 the couple began their killing spree. They both had a tough childhood: Catherine’s mother was dead, and David’s mother was reportedly an alcoholic, and it seemed the two bonded through their pain. In 1989 the couple became engaged and were married in 1991 — by this time they had already caused two deaths. Nicole Smith, who became very famous for the relationship, herself died in 2007 of a drug overdose. They did, however, show us that true love is stronger than anything else in the world. The interactions between the two might not seem as meaningful to outside observers, but then again, the robots would probably be perplexed by our species ritual of giving dying plants, chalk candy, bad poetry and skunky water as tokens of affection. ©2021 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. The strangest thing about these killings is that according to Murderpedia, the couple were trying to enhance their sex life with the murders, and would have sex shortly after. Call me crazy, but I love him. In this slideshow, explore some of the most insane couples in history. As for their relationship with each other? Their "heads" regard each other with various expressions.". This is definitely one of the strangest killing pairs on the list! While working as a radiology tech at Marine Hospital in Key West, Tanzler met Elena Milagro de Hoyos, a patient suffering from tuberculosis, a disease that, though treatable today, was fatal in the early 1930s. Baby and Johnny (Dirty Dancing) Like we’d ever put these two in a corner… RELATED: The 29 Most Iconic Summer Movies. Charles Starkweather was a James Dean wannabe who was bullied when he was in school; Caril Ann Fugate was a schoolgirl. Interestingly, prior to this murder, Mary also stood trial for the death of her brother, Ray Avery (who died of arsenic poisoning), as well as her mother-in-law, but she was acquitted of both charges. After Brown's death, Victoria wanted to publish her notes, only to be dissuaded by her private secretary, who threatened to resign, fearing a scandal. Look no further than Vincent and Emily, a robot couple programmed to have something of a love-hate relationship. Unsurprisingly, her parents were unhappy with the coupling, and told their daughter that she could no longer date Steinke. Of course, with a happier ending. Vestron Pictures 15. The two were married three years later, in 1994. However, This adorable couple was certainly one of the most fascinating couples in history. Most couples are boring, but the crazy, passionate ones with tons of problems? By 1790, his wife had had enough and divorced him. Marshall died more than a year after the marriage, setting off years of legal challenges over the late tycoon's $1.6-billion estate. She seemed insecure and was extremely jealous — she allegedly killed one of the women in a rage. It wasn't over. Right from Adam and Eve to Paris and Helen, there have been many famous couples in history. Their romantic link to each other, if any, and their motives for both wanting Ada dead remain unclear, but because they were convicted together, they deserve a spot on our list. Coleman was seven years her senior. Charlene was reportedly bisexual, and the couple enjoyed threesomes; but this escalated after a year, and Gerald revealed his desire to have sex slaves. Item 14 of 37. He was neglected by his mother, and grew up in foster homes. Bonnie and Clyde are probably the most notorious killer couple, and their story has been made into multiple movies. Below are the 10 most evil people of all time. In honor of the release of Jim Jarmusch's romantic vampire drama Only Lovers Left Alive, out April 11th, we've rounded up our favorite super-intense couples in pop culture history. She even left her children to go and live with Fernandez in New York. Franklin Delano and Eleanor Roosevelt resided in the White House during some of the most financially tumultuous years in U.S. history. Couples make promises to live together and die together. Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez became known as the “Lonely Hearts Killers,” and they found their victims the same way that they met, through the lonely hearts section of a newspaper ad. Under the care of Tanzler, who was a technician, not a doctor, de Hoyos underwent a number of treatments, none of which proved at all effective. Like any Valentine's Day, not everyone has a special someone and there are a lot of lonely hearts out there feeling a little left out. The pair was arrested in 1949 and each executed by the electric chair two years later. Gerald Gallego wanted to have sex slaves, and his wife, Charlene, was complicit in his wishes. Suzan and James Carson, also known as “San Francisco Witch Killers”, were motivated to kill people who they believed to be witches — I know, it sounds like a modern-day Salem witch hunt! Tanzler kept it in his home for seven years, until de Hoyos' family caught wind of what he was up to and reclaimed her remains. The love Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha shared is legendary. His wife eventually became not just aware of her husband's lascivious activities, but also an enabler of them, which included orgies with young women and even an affair with her sister. In addition to the prostitutes, Jack Murray was the seventh victim because Bundy (who had a bit of a crush on him) confessed their crimes to him while drunk. But things escalated, and the pair is believed to have killed around 20 people over the period of two years, between 1947 and 1949. This began their 2-month killing spree that resulted in eight murders and seven rapes, as well as abduction and armed robbery. By. Johnny and June make up one of the most famous couples in music history, but the love story started with infidelity. According to reports, it took Brady a lot longer to reciprocate Hindley’s affections. She reportedly claimed that she feared Graham may continue the crimes. De Hoyos, a local beauty, captured Tanzler's heart, and he was determined to see her through her illness. Not long after the couple first met, Barrow was jailed for burglary but was paroled in 1932. Their crimes were fuelled by their strange sexual desires, which began by having sex with prostitutes and escalated into wanting to have sex with someone while killing her. Charlene, on the other hand, had a very normal childhood by all accounts, but when she was a teenager she became mixed up with drugs and alcohol. Though Eleanor was his distant cousin, Roosevelt was determined to make her his wife. But at some point, she returned to David, and in 1986 they began their spree. This time apart helped Catherine to breakaway and marry a man named Donald McLaughlin, who she had six children with. marc-anthony-and-chloe-green-2014-couples-billboard-450. They're our cup of dysfunctional tea. Fugate’s parents prevented her from seeing the much older Starkweather, and so the couple murdered them, as well as their 2-year-old daughter, in their home. But behind their seemingly normal facades, these two were one of history’s most cruel and twisted couples. During this time Everett started to seduce the teenage Creighton daughter. Here, we have listed out couples who have not only made an unforgettable place for themselves in history, but also changed our lives in someway. Helen and Les proved the same. During the early years of the Great Depression, the two were part of a larger gang that robbed small banks and gas stations in the South and Midwest, murdering at least 13 people along the way. While Bernardo received a life sentence with the possibility of parole. A Lot of Silver Screen Movie Stars Were Gay. Beck was overweight and unemployed. This is the reason six teenage prostitutes lost their lives. Please whitelist TheClever or disable your ad blocker to continue. Like You: Robots That Are Almost Human. [7] The cost of an average wedding is $20,000. The couple moved in together shortly after meeting, they slept in a coffin and practiced Satanism. But when she and Alvin were reunited after serving time, they devised their sick plan to lure teenagers and sexually assault them. The world is unfortunately filled with sick and twisted people who have committed some of the most atrocious acts. – Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi. She then decided to she needed to get rid of him. Hollywood’s history is a story of backroom deals and secret affairs as tantalizing as anything the studios have churned out on film. Couple Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck set the standard in the late 1940s when they murdered upwards of 20 women by luring them in through lonely hearts ads. The 10 Most Badass Couples in Movie History. Below are 15 notorious killer couples whose relationships took a gross twist and resulted in them taking lives, together. This is a list of ten of the most infamous criminal duos. SEE ALSO: Animal Pairs Prove Love Is Blind. While most teenagers’ act of defiance may be for them to sulk for a few days, or at worst try to run away from home, Richardson was clearly not an average teenager because she enlisted the help of her boyfriend to kill her family. In June of 2001 the couple was married, and one month later they reportedly killed Frank Hackert, in their home. Gwendolyn Graham and Catherine May Wood were a lesbian couple who met at a nursing home, where they both worked as nursing aids. Here are the 101 best sex scenes of all time, from steamy foreign classics to Hollywood's lustiest movies like Basic Instinct and Wild Things. Debra Brown reportedly had a relatively normal childhood but suffered a severe head trauma which affected her mental abilities. Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash Hindley, who was aged 18 at the time, fell hopelessly in love with Brady and was impressed by his ideologies; he was obsessed with Hitler and Nazi Germany and had read Mein Kampf. From spree killings to methodical, well-thought-out murders: Some of these couple’s had a master and slave type of relationship, others were simply complicit in their partner’s crimes, and then there are those who actively participated. ... but it costs a lot of money to get that done. During their time together the pair killed three women, including Homolka’s younger sister Tammy, who was only aged 15 at the time of her death.

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