Sparingly use the air conditioner, and sometimes, consider not using it at all. The composite hole will recycle the nutrients to the ecosystem and enriches the soil. Also, research shows that annually food that gets lost globally is sufficient to feed almost a billion hungry people across the world. Another step you can take to reduce your consumption of this type of products is to choose more sustainable alternatives, like traditional coffee makers and loose tea. Did you find it interesting? You could also run workshops to teach people the basics of gardening, how to calculate their carbon footprint or how to recycle in the community. Statistics show that in the United States, 40% of food is wasted annually. Fortunately, there are measures we can take to reduce food wastage. It can be you who is making that difference. You can also choose eco-friendly products, for instance, you can also pick paper products which come from recycled paper. 2. Call in local environmental researchers, biologists, teachers or environmental advocates to educate the public on their areas of expertise. Second, you can opt to walk. Also, you can opt for low-flow showerheads, As you brush your teeth or as you shave, turn off the tap, Plunge a water bottle, a full one, in the toilet tank. All Rights Reserved . Do not pollute water with chemicals and other contaminants. You can minimize water wastage through; You can substitute your car and opt for alternative methods such as biking, walking and public transport. A country when we can see an environment that is green, waste less and clean is surely a successful country. Initial installation or replacement may be considerably costly, but you will enjoy fewer electricity bills monthly. Overfishing does not help to take care of the environment, either, since it harms the biodiversity of marine ecosystems. On the brighter side, Companies are aware of the damage of the packaging and have resulted to reusable packaging products. Some Countries have spots which accept mercury products and substitute them will environmental friendly products. If you have to use the air conditioner, set it at a temperature that is slightly lower than the environmental temperature. However, whenever a device is plugged in and turned off, they use phantom energy. Teabags also help to produce environmental pollution: the bags are harmful for the planet because they contain nylon or polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a type of petroleum-based plastic. Don’t contribute to the islands of trash floating in our oceans. You can make a list of the food you are going to buy as well as the amount. Water conservation is vital since we cannot survive without water. Try to pay attention to the time you use for showering to keep your showers short and help protect the environment. (And Which Foods to Avoid), Can Squirrels Eat Raisins? We have discussed the 20 main steps you can take to preserve the environment. will reduce potential health risks from drinking water from 4% to less than 1%. Statistics show that if a person opts for public transport rather than using their cars to travel a 20-mile distance; they reduce carbon dioxide emission that year by 4800 pounds. To have this, these are the ways: • Recycle as many things as you can. For example, trees are used to make furniture. Instead of using the dryer every time you wash, you go traditional and hang your clothes out to dry. 8. Once you change your lifestyle to an environmentally conscious one, you can involve yourself in activism to educate others and draw them to doing the same. The Takeaway Developing a habit of using vents in one room saves a lot of energy which would have been squandered in unoccupied rooms. Here are just a few examples of the threats to our environment and some ideas to help you to do something about them.
Open in a new window, Responsible consumption, a key to protecting the environment, a proposal for a recast of the Directive on the quality of water intended for human consumption (the Drinking Water Directive). Trees will protect your home from the heat hence reduce energy spent in cooling; Heat your swimming pool only when necessary; Don’t idle in your car, you may have to turn on the air conditioning ; Put vinyl foam covers in your hot tub to save energy; Plant trees to protect your home from winds; Use rainwater for watering plants to reduce reliance on pumped water. Always note down the food you throw in the bin and keep tabs on the pattern. (And Which Foods Do They Actually Like), How Do Birds Mate? (And Do They Mate With Other Species), Causes and Effects of Marine Habitat Loss, 35+ Outstanding Facts About the Planet Earth, Advantages and Importance of Reforestation, Five Different Atmospheric Layers of the Earth, Causes and Effects of Ozone Layer Depletion, Extraordinary Ways to Protect Coral Reefs, Causes and Effects to Environmental Pollution, Causes and Effects of Ocean Acidification, Reducing the time you take to take a bath. Additionally, there are some other tips for you to help you protect the environment: You should eat less meat and dairy products as producing meat, eggs, milk, etc. Always make sure you turn off the tap tightly after usage so that water can’t leak through it. Always remember to check for the expiry dates on products. It started getting deteriorated rapidly in recent decades. Instead of using disposable papers to clean the house, opt for washable clothes. If you do need to use your car, compare schedules and places of residency … This is due to overexploitation and also the use of technology. Sonia Madaan is a writer and founding editor of science education blog EarthEclipse. Trees are used in the paper industry. You can make a difference by changing your means of transport, decreasing energy consumption of electronics around your home, changing your eating habits. You can even recycle when you are away from home. Also, you can plan the meals you will take for that week and include the ingredients for each meal. Once you change your lifestyle to an environmentally conscious one, you can involve yourself in activism to educate others and draw them to doing the same. The Founding of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) In December 1970, environmentalists achieved a major goal with the establishment of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through an executive order signed by then-president Richard Nixon. They all express disquiet of environmental issues. According to Greenpeace, they take about 500 years to decompose. Adopt a habit of eating leftovers. In addition, the amount of energy needed to manufacture a paper bag is four times more than for a plastic bag and its production requires a large amount of water and wood, emits harmful gases into the atmosphere and uses chemicals that pollute water courses and harm ecosystems. Environmental protection is the practice of protecting the natural environment by individuals, organizations and governments. Use the dryer only when cleaning a load. A significant amount of energy is used to pump water to your home. Still go for products that have a long life, which you can decide on after extensive research. Some of us don’t eat the same meal twice. Grow your own food. Washing with non-ecological detergents and softeners. You can save the energy by exercising without electronic machines. But the reality is very different: they are rarely reused and tend to end up in the organic waste bin. Environment
2. Our only responsibility is to safeguard the environment. Look up if such services are available. Rotary shares an interest in protecting our common legacy: the environment. But how often do we apply these suggestions or take practice those measures? We will show you the five mistakes that are the most harmful for the health of our planet. What is an Ecosystem? It is the simple things we do that go a long way to conserve the environment. This includes the trees, the plants, animals, mountains. Essay Sample. It saves you resources and eliminates wastage. Unplug devices whenever possible. In the spirit of coming together, the environmental organizations of Ottawa Riverkeeper, CREDDO, Ecology Ottawa, and EnviroCentre have put their heads together to provide the communities of the National Capital Region and beyond with 10 ways to protect the environment … Are you sure you know how to protect the environment? So saving water is protecting the environment and saving our lives. Glass containers can be used for storing food or other items, cereal bags can be used in place of Ziploc bags, and old or unused items can be sold in a yard sale; it’s about finding alternative uses for items so that waste can be reduced. You can set days which you will not consume meat products. 26 Ways to Be Environmentally Friendly. Cut down on what you throw away. The nature around us is the very essence of our survival and sustenance. 4. #environmental sustainability #social action #society. It may not be as comfortable as a personal car, but you will have made a significant contribution to conserving the environment. First, you can start cycling, which reduces 90% emission of gases to the environment. Therefore, whenever it gets hot or cold at night, it will automatically shut off. What's more, by reducing bottled water consumption the Commission expects European homes to save more than 600 million euros every year. Carpooling is also useful to reduce the gas emissions. Consider using LED bulbs or energy saving fluorescents to save electricity. Instead of waste ending up in landfills, they can be used to provide more food. It reduces impulse buying of food that we are likely not to eat and ends up in the trash. Recycling things is the best way to lessen and avoid global warming and climate change. By no means am I suggesting that I am the next superhero of the environment (although that would make for an excellent Halloween costume). SEE INFOGRAPHIC: Some more tips for protecting the environment [PDF], Sustainable cities and responsible consumption. It is also important to educate on animal conservation as well as taking part in tree planting programs. Substitute water for other cleaning elements such as vinegar or even baking soda. 1) Precycle - attempt to reduce waste before it becomes waste. Simple rules will help you to save environment, keep fit and save money. Have you ever walked under the scorching sun and wished there was a tree to offer you shade? Turn off your electrical appliances, like computers, TVs, and sound systems, when you’re not using them, instead of just using their standby settings. To make the monitoring effortless, you can download an app to help you track. The bullets below have been taken from a kids environmental education program. Also, we can limit the waste we generate. Avoid Taking Cars or Carpool When Possible Cars are harmful to the environment. Or if you don’t love leftovers, but you practice farming, you can also create a composite pit. Whenever you are not at home, close the conditioning vents. It may seem harmless to leave charging devices plugged in. law courts image by Peter Helin from These pods are mostly made of aluminium and plastic, a fact that makes them a very obvious enemy of the environment. The more time you take, the more water you are likely to use. The lower the setting, the higher the energy the conditioner uses. Our habits generate over 60% of greenhouse gas emissions and account for 80% of the water used in the world. Wasted food is thrown in landfills and with time decomposes to hazardous greenhouse gas, methane. Earth Eclipse. © 2021 Iberdrola, S.A. All rights reserved. These components cause irritation and allergies, pollute the water and harm marine ecosystems.

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