The Year of Pluto - New Horizons ... Did Section 31 Cause the Romulan Supernova in Star Trek Picard - Duration: 5:48. 13. The supernova had a profound effect on Picard's life and career; the Admiral left the Enterprise-E to lead a historic rescue mission to save 900-million Romulan lives from the exploding sun. Adm. Jean … Archived. So, most all of the Romulan Empire is dead, and then there's the problem of stopping a Supernova with a bucket of instant singularity. Major Grin 65,817 views. Speaking of the Romulan supernova, it's a good bet that the Federation is aware of this impending disaster sometime around 2384, if only because nearly all of 2385 is spent talking about it. Why can’t the romulans evacuate themselves? While the Romulan Supernova acts more as a catalyst for the events of 2009's Star Trek reboot than anything else, it's obviously going to be key to the story in Star Trek: Picard. This year isn't pinpointed, but it seems like the Artifact and the Romulan's "ownership" of it predates the supernova. Close. The Romulans (Rihannsu in Romulan, meaning "the Declared") are a humanoid race who have had many conflicts with the Federation until the late 24th century, after their homeworld, Romulus, was destroyed by a nearby stars' supernova in 2387.The Romulans are biological cousins of Vulcans, as they are descended from those who rejected Surak's reforms during the Time of Awakening. Picard "takes that Romulan supernova and is part of the canon," Goldsman confirms. Spock and the Romulan mining ship Narada , commanded by Nero, are dragged into a black hole created by the Red Matter detonation and arrive in the past. Question regarding the romulan supernova. Posted by 1 year ago. The Romulan Empire appears to be an ovoid region of space about 200-300 LY radius, with an arm coming off in the direction of the Beta Quadrant. Star Trek: Picard — Countdown #1 takes place in the year 2385, about two years before the Romulan supernova destroys Romulus. It’s also five years prior to the earliest flashbacks in Star Trek: Picard, meaning the Synth Revolt on Mars and the Romulan Supernova of 2387 is all in the relatively near future. Ambassador Spock attempts to counter the resulting shockwave using Red Matter, but is unable to save the planet Romulus from destruction. A star in the Romulan Empire goes Supernova. Question regarding the romulan supernova. 5:48. The Federation and the Romulan supernova In the 2380s, the Romulan Empire — upon learning its sun will go supernova — reaches out to the Federation for help in evacuating its territory. Aside from the refugee crisis in Picard that the Romulan supernova … Why do they need the federation (Picard) to come help them?

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