So biological problems we've seen already, like muscle and bone loss, might get worse. Why live on Earth when you can live on Mars? NASA, which knows a thing or two about such matters, has just posted a video that captures all this vividly. Study Earth; 5. Although no signs of life on Mars have been found, scientists will continue to search because they are aware of the potential for life in extreme environments. Lesson Summary. Landing is one thing. For these reasons, "human life" cannot have evolved on Mars. When it comes to colonizing outer space, Mars gets most of the attention, but there are also some very compelling reasons why we should colonize Titan. We now know that Mars is a very cold, dry planet, where liquid water cannot exist on the surface. Mars Over the Moon. When we ask "Where might we find extraterrestrial life", the first place many scientists turn to, because of its similarity to the Earth, is Mars. Why we can't send humans to Mars yet, and how we'll fix that. Shares. Tap to play or pause GIF Via 0. 1. The scientific reasons for going to Mars can be summarised by the search for life, understanding the surface and the planet’s evolution, and preparing for future human exploration. Share. The fact is, we already have been to Mars. Search For Lives; Could There Be Life on Mars Today? Why did Columbus travel west? Improve the quality of life; 6. Large, dry channels also show that there was once a lot of running water on the surface. Zinc and lead can’t even survive the 860º F (460º C) heat. Image: ESO/M. Almost Everything We Need to Live on Mars Is Already There . You can't use Antarctica as proof we can't live permanently on Mars since we didn't try to live permanently there. 31 May 2013 By Adam Mann. But there are a few reasons we should continue to stay put, at least for a little while longer. Why We Can't Send Humans to Mars Yet (And How We'll Fix That) There's been a recent uptick in the idea of a human mission to Mars. List Of Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Live on Mars. Why Life on Mars May Be Impossible ... That hasn’t stopped us from looking for life on Mars or from hoping to live there ourselves one day. I suspect that AI and robotic development will reach the point that by the time we can send and return a few people to Mars, we can send indestructible “human-like” robots that can accomplish the same things (and more) on a Mars mission that a real human could do, but without the life-sustaining needs and fragility of humans. By Megan Ray Nichols | Published: Wednesday, May 3, 2017. Why do you think there are so many conversations about Martian colonization? This idea that we are going to abandon Earth and go live on Mars is utter nonsense. But, we won’t know if a permanent presence is possible until we try. Jessica Orwig. To explore, that's the big idea," he said. Have we lost hope for Earth? At the time, he recalls, he found himself thinking about why, after the successful Apollo missions to the moon, humans hadn’t visited Mars—or reached very far into space at all. Thriving is another. 5 undeniable reasons humans need to colonize Mars — even though it's going to cost billions . Why did Marco Polo head east? You can go through this article and learn more about the Mars. Humans cannot colonize mars. And even though Mars is half the size of Earth, you have seen so much and are amazed by your adventure on this planet! It’s worth watching not just to understand what things are like on the woeful world that is Venus, but to appreciate again how good they are here — and why it’s worth looking after what we’ve got. 10 reasons we should be exploring space. We're certainly at the civilizational stage where sending humans to Mars is feasible, which is a huge first step. The more resources we can harness on the Red Planet, the fewer we need to bring with us. Re: (Score: 2) by jythie. It's just that we need a very large amount of technology and supplies in order to do so. Instead, we need to be cautious and steer around those icebergs rather than into them. Singled cell organisms can and probably do exist hidden under Martian ice caps. However, humans can in fact live on Mars with the use of technology. This is what Mars might look like after trillions of dollars worth of terraforming. To ensure the survival of our species; 2. We have found the number of reasons why we should establish the life on Mars. There are a number of reasons to travel to Mars. We have been operating rovers on the surface of Mars since 1997, and landed another one, Curiosity, in 2012. If we can't do that on Earth, where everything is orders of magnitude easier, there's no way we can do it in space. We don't need Mars to be our lifeboat in case Earth capsizes after hitting the iceberg of human stupidity. If humans can’t make it to Mars, it means we’re destined to be “a single-planet species,” he said. Why space missions are worth the money and the risk. twitter facebook. Report Post. But for me, the issue comes down to timing. Mars is cold and dry, but it may not be dead. Like Reply. Mars may have been like the Earth in its past. We are there right now. We can live on other planets. Saturn’s largest moon Titan is the only natural satellite with more than a trace atmosphere. If we successfully land on Mars, could we live there? Topics … Re: (Score: 3) by fox171171. Kornmesser. New discovery and scientific knowledge; 4. Its a very bad idea. The terrifying reality of actually living on Mars The first spaceships that could carry humans to the red planet are being developed now, but we need to discuss accommodations once we're there. Sending a manned mission to Mars is a fantastic adventure. "So when we go to Mars, you don't know what you're gonna find, it'll be new. We could also send all the gay people to live on it so we wouldn't have to deal with their bs. Nobody lives on Antarctica permanently because there's no good reason to. Because it is that pull, that unknown, that prospect of adventure that compels humans to seek new frontiers to explore. It'll be hard to adjust to Mars time. Contents . Jun 14, 2016 NASA. Humanity has flown people into outer space and landed them on the moon. I am against the topic as it is not possible to survive on mars, There is no gravity present there. By Mike Wall 09 May 2019. Parent Share. Well, strictly speaking, you can’t. 10. I do think that manned space operations are too expensive for the payoff, though. NASA. Mock-up of Nasa's Space Launch … The first is the realization of an amazing dream! Discover the life on Mars; 3. There is also a lot of ice in the frozen ground – much like the permafrost areas of northern Canada and Russia. I think we can do the same sort of research for less money using robotic missions. Life can however exist on Mars, just not in the "complex" form. However, there are large areas of water ice at the polar caps. Elisabetta Intini 23rd June 2015. And we can't lose sight of challenges on Earth, nor use the promise of Mars as an opportunity to deflect responsibility from Earth. Friday 31 May 2013. By Jay Bennett. 4. It seems that we’re more likely to establish a base on the moon before Mars. He can quote the easy answer for why we go to Mars, the assumption most scientists and science writers make: Mars is close. 0. 2015-04-21T13:45:00Z The letter F. An envelope. Mars has water, an atmosphere, and other resources that should allow us to live off the land. By Adam Mann. Mars, as imaged by NASA's Viking 1 orbiter in the 1970s. "We would send people there to make discoveries. Here are six reasons why astrobiologists believe in the possibility of life on Mars. If we had tried and failed, that would be another story. Mars is an obvious target for exploration because it is close by in our Solar System, but there are many more reasons to explore the Red Planet. These points aside, I fully support our space program. We live in an age where we could go out and find other places to expand. We could also send people there without space suits and then watch their heads explode.