Bitter sentence examples. She was going to say that the bitter note in her tone was for someone who had betrayed her, but the whole world didn't need to know about their shame. The most important are, the alkaline springs of Carlsbad, Marienbad, Franzensbad and Bilin; the alkaline acidulated waters of Giesshiibel, largely used as table waters; the iron springs of Marienbad, Franzensbad and of Pyrawarth in Lower Austria; the bitter waters of Piillna, Saidschitz and Sedlitz; the saline waters of Ischl and of Aussee in Styria; the iodine waters of Hall in Upper Austria; the different waters of Gastein; and lastly the thermal waters of Teplitz-SchOnau, Johannisbad, and of Rcmerbad in Styria. 27. These sentences and the proceedings which led up to them, though attacked with bitter eloquence by Sheridan and Fox, were confirmed by a large majority in parliament. Monday, 21 September 2020 | Nadeem Paracha . The paper also contained an attack upon the superintendent Nicholas Fouquet, and being opened by the postmaster of Paris, who happened to be a spy of Fouquet's, it gave rise to a bitter quarrel, which, however, Mazarin repressed during his lifetime. The Lennox papers are full of reports of bitter words that passed between Darnley and Mary at Stirling (December 1566), where Darnley was sulking apart while the festivities of the baptism of his son (later James VI.) You may need to pay at some moment to continue using product or to use all functionalities. In 1874, when Gladstone published his pamphlet on The Vatican Decrees, Lord Acton wrote during November and December a series of remarkable letters to The Times, illustrating Gladstone's main theme by numerous historical examples of papal inconsistency, in a way which must have been bitter enough to the ultramontane party, but demurring nevertheless to Gladstone's conclusion and insisting that the Church itself was better than its premisses implied. The leading burghers were, however, soon alienated by his violent and despotic methods, by his defence of Kieft, and by his devotion to the interests of the company; the nine men became (as early as 1649, when they sent the famous Vertoogh, or Remonstrance, to the states-general asking for burgher government and other reforms) the centre of municipal discontent; and a bitter quarrel ensued. Consequently, although a skilful political organizer, he incurred the bitter enmity of other leaders of his time - Jackson, Adams and Calhoun. brought her the opportunity, it was with difficulty that she could consent to be reconciled to so old and bitter an enemy. He published an elaborate and bitter Answer in 1564, to which Jewel issued a Reply in 1565. In the bitter debates concerning the keenly disputed question of the permission of slavery in the territories, Douglas was particularly prominent. make bitter. ALVISE (1701-1778), who was doge from 1763 until his death, restricted the privileges of the clergy, and in consequence came into bitter conflict with Pope Clement XIII. I have to go to the bank, and on the way back, I'll pick up the groceries as well, killing two birds with one stone. Worth reading alongside Drunk from the Bitter Truth is the chapter dedicated to Anna Margolin in Reuben Iceland’s memoir, From Our Springtime, translated from the Yiddish original Fun unzer friling by Gerald Marcus. - This, though still the most important numerically of all the Uniat Churches, is but a fragment of the Church which proclaimed its union with Rome at the synod of Brest in Lithuania in 1596, a union which, after long and bitter resistance, was completed by the submission of the dioceses of Lemberg and Luzk in 1700 and 1702. From the idea that the gall-bladder was the dominating organ of a bitter, sharp temperament, "gall" was formerly used in English for such a spirit, and also for one very ready to resent injuries. Before his death he was formally received into the Roman Catholic Church, a proceeding which aroused a bitter newspaper controversy. He was a Whig representative in Congress in 1849-1853, and was leader of the radical Whigs and Free-Soilers, strongly opposing the Compromise Measures of 1850,1850, and being especially bitter in his denunciations of the Fugitive Slave Law. It was far too sweet and had a bitter aftertaste. Truth is bitter. The election as governor in 1804 of Lewis, a relative of the Livingstons, was followed by a bitter quarrel with the Clintons over patronage, and resulted at the state election of 1807 in the choice of a Clintonian, Daniel D. During 1911 various matters had created friction between the two countries and caused the exchange of bitter articles in the press, but war had appeared unlikely. Before the Civil War Stanton was a Democrat, opposed to slavery, but a firm defender of the constitutional rights of the slaveholders, and was a bitter opponent of Lincoln, whose party he then hated and distrusted. A monument (by Karl Bitter) in his, honour was unveiled in Riverside Drive, New York City, in October 1907. The bitter feeling against them in Rumania is not so much due to religious fanaticism as to the fear that if given political and other rights they will gradually possess themselves of the whole soil. All over the country and through all classes of the people men were falling into line on one side or the other, and everything was thus ready for a long and bitter religious war. Actuality. Although President Hayes was not popular with the professional politicians of his own party, and was exposed to bitter attacks on the part of the Democratic opposition on account of the cloud which hung over his election, his conduct of public affairs gave much satisfaction to the people generally. There is no friendship without self-interests. A continuation of their work on bitter almond oil by Liebig and Wohler, who remained firm friends for the rest of their lives, resulted in the elucidation of the mode of formation of that substance and in the discovery of the ferment emulsin as well as the recognition of the first glucoside, amygdalin, while another and not less important and far-reaching inquiry in 'which they collaborated was that on uric acid, published in 1837. Get Your Custom Essay on Truth Is Bitter Essay Just from $13,9/Page. The proportions of the salts of river and sea-water are quite different, as Julius Roth shows thus: - The salts of salt lakes which have been formed in the areas of internal drainage in the hearts of the continents by the evaporation of river water are entirely different in composition from those of the sea, as the existence of the numerous natron and bitter lakes shows. His was a bitter awakening, and the bitterness of it found expression in some remarkable words addressed to the volksraad: " I would rather," said Burgers in March 1877, " be a policeman under a strong government than the president of such a state. After years of bitter controversy, in which a federal ministry was overthrown, a compromise was arranged in 18 9 7, in which the Roman Catholic leaders have never fully acquiesced. About 1580 Jesuit missionaries began to come, and soon became involved in bitter quarrels with the secular missionaries already at work. For centuries a bitter feud raged between the Kapitel-Stadt and the Upper Town, until these rivals were forced to join hands against the Turks. The chief works of Damiron, of which the best are his accounts of French philosophers, are the following: - An edition of the Nouveaux melanges philosophiques de Jouffroy (1842), with a notice of the author, in which Damiron softened and omitted several expressions used by Jouffroy, which were opposed to the system of education adopted by the Sorbonne, an article which gave rise to a bitter controversy, and to a book by Pierre Leroux, De la mutilation des manuscrits de M. In the Senate Wade was from the first an uncompromising opponent of slavery, his bitter denunciations of that institution and of the slaveholders receiving added force from his rugged honesty and sincerity. For many years the mining interests were supreme, and agriculture, even after it had become of great importance, was invariably worsted when the two clashed; but in 1884 the long and bitter " anti-debris " or " anti-slickins " fight ended in favour of the farmers. Later, observing the bitter feelings that had been evoked by the distribution of land among the veterans of Caesar, Antonius and Fulvia changed their attitude, and stood forward as the defenders of those who had suffered from its operation. The definition of Bitter is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. See more ideas about hindi quotes, life quotes, inspirational quotes. Six months later the cabinet was reorganized, and two most bitter opponents to the recent election of President Balmaceda were accorded portfolios. His bitter hostility to Prussia helped to force the government of Vienna into the war of 1866. The pope excommunicated the emperor and stirred up civil war against him in Saxony with such success that he brought about Henry's bitter humiliation at Canossa in the following year. By admin-kc - August 14, 2020. All that was true enough, but remaining bitter about it wasn't going to improve their relationship. Stumble tells, where is the attention?. From the days of Protagoras, when this hostility was triumphant and contemptuous, to the days of Isocrates, when it was jealous and bitter, the sophists were declared and consistent sceptics. The conflict that arose over this question in the Christian Church was prolonged and bitter - in part because it unfortunately became inflamed by the contending interests of Roman Catholic and Protestant. One of the earliest, if not the earliest, was the investigation, published in 1830, which proved the polymerism of cyanic and cyanuric acid, but the most famous were those on the oil of bitter almonds (benzaldehyde) and the radicle benzoyl (1832), and on uric acid (1837), which are of fundamental importance in the history of organic chemistry. The wood has a pure bitter taste, and is without odour or aroma. 12.25. Examples of bitter dispute in a sentence, how to use it. The faction of which he was a prominent member was chiefly responsible for bringing about that impasse in the government of the country which drew such bitter protest from Burgers and terminated in the annexation by the British in April 1877. In his trenchant criticism of the origin of what passed for Christianity in his time, he spoke bitter and severe truths, which have gained for him the reputation of the most rabid and wicked of all the enemies of Christianity. bitter pill to swallow phrase. Apart from these bitter provocations - the prohibition of the sign of the covenant and the desecration of the sacred place - the Jews had a leader who was recognized as Messiah by the rabbi Aqiba. bitter truth; bitter tumbai; bitter tears in English translation and definition "bitter tears", Dictionary English-English online. Add your answer and earn points. The walnut pave is more moist than many walnut breads and free from that bitter, slightly mouldy taste that can make walnuts unpalatable. Anxious to blot out all memory of the bitter past, he forbade the use of the word "Borders," hoping that the designation "Middle Shires" might take its place. Further, there were divisions between the patriots of Santiago and those of Concepcion, and bitter jealousies between the leaders, the chief of whom were Juan Martinez de Rozas, Jose Miguel Carrera and Bernardo O'Higgins. Pride tells, how much is money? The pope's negotiations with Henry's representative evoked a bitter and menacing protest and a categorical demand for the performance of promises. more_vert. Few works of modern times have excited a more keen and bitter controversy. A Bitter Truth 3.5 Stars On leave from the front, WWI nurse Bess Crawford, encounters a woman alone on a rainy night in London. In his progressive policy Sagasta was actively and usefully supported by the chief of the moderate Republicans, Emilio Castelar, who recommended his partisans to vote with the Liberal party, because he confessed that bitter experience had taught him that liberties and rights were better attained and made stable by pacific evolution than by revolution. The course taken by Cranmer in promoting the Reformation exposed him to the bitter hostility of the reactionary party or " men of the old learning," of whom Gardiner and Bonner were leaders, and on various occasions - notably in 1543 and 1 545 - conspiracies were formed in the council or elsewhere to effect his overthrow. Take away the African garb, culture, and accent of the black panther. the taste experience when quinine or coffee is taken into the mouth. Example sentences with "bitter tears", translation memory. The struggle, however, was less bitter chiefly because France was not a united country, and it was eventually terminated without formal treaty. It is poisonous and possesses a bitter taste, hence its name from the Greek 7rtKpos, bitter. Leovigild himself was an Arian, being the last of the Visigothic kings to hold that creed; but he was not a bitter foe of the orthodox Christians, although he was obliged to punish them when they conspired against him with his external enemies. Parlia- ~ mentary history took the form of a hostile criticism of the government proposals, which was particularly bitter because of the irreconcilable opposition of the Free Traders. The truth is always bitter becuase we can't accept it. On the eve of the crucial election of 1800, [Hamilton] wrote a bitter personal attack on the president (containing much confidential cabinet information), which was intended for private circulation, but which was secured and published by Aaron Burr, his legal and political rival. Inspired by his semi-European training, with bitter resentment against the Manchus, whom he regarded as responsible for China's humiliation at the hands of Japan, he first raised the standard of rebellion and of Cantonese independence in 1895; but the coup failed and Dr. Sun was compelled to seek safety in exile. Here he had to encounter bitter opposition from the orthodox clergy and their followers, among whom he was regarded as a freethinker. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Get into the habit of telling the truth. The comparatively rapid growth of the tree is its great recommendation to the planter; it is best raised from acorns sown on the spot, as they are very bitter and little liable to the attacks of vermin; the tree sends down a long tap-root, which should be curtailed by cutting or early transplanting, if the young trees are to be removed. Other causes helped to convert their enthusiastic loyalty into bitter hatred. male parent. Antonym: distraction. They were still heathens, cherishing bitter hatred towards the Franks, whom they regarded as the enemies both of their liberties and of their religion; and their hatred found expression, not only in expeditions into Frankish territory, but in help willingly rendered to every German confederation which wished to throw off the Frankish yoke. While the Liberals hoped the emperor would use his power for some signal declaration of policy, the adherents of Bismarck did not scruple to make bitter attacks on the empress. Visit this place to get more oriya proverb / odia katha o natha.. 148. They are exceedingly hard and difficult to pulverize, odourless, bitter and readily confused with black mustard seeds. Is this phrase synonimous to "bitter truth". The lemon is really grown upon a bitter orange tree, grafted to bear the lemon. During the last thirty-two years of the century the house fell a prey to one of those bitter and unappeasable family feuds which are the ruin of great Indian families. The bitter feelings engendered between employer and employed culminated in the peasants' revolt of 1381. Pope Leo, by his incessant demands for money and his unscrupulous methods of obtaining it, awakened bitter hostility in every class of the community. It is a small bitter species common in upland pastures and fir plantations early in the season. When heated to above 200 it turns brown and produces caramel, a substance possessing a bitter taste, and used, in its aqueous solution or otherwise, under various trade names, for colouring confectionery, spirits, &c. The specific rotation of the plane of polarized light by glucose solutions is characteristic. It has been used to condemn people who seek to defend themselves from extreme accusations levelled on them. BITTERS, the name given to aromatized (generally alcoholic) beverages containing a bitter substance or substances, used as tonics, appetizers or digestives. OpenSubtitles2018.v3. Verity. Burke, hating wrong and injustice with a bitter hatred, had descried in the government of British India by the East India Company a disgrace to the English name. open_in_new Link to European Parliament; warning Request revision; Wie bitter das ist, das weiß ich aus eigener Erfahrung. The opposition to Cornell's plan was bitter, especially on the part of denominational schools and press, but incorporation was secured, and the trustees first met on the 5th of September 1865. The essay’s introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion are provided below. Toggle navigation fatLingo . we meet our relations and if they hide anything from us by stating anything which is non true and later we come to cognize so we turn violent and more aggressive. Examples of bitter in a sentence, how to use it. de la Comp. The well-meaning but weak king Zedekiah he denounces with bitter scorn as a perjured traitor (xvii). Despite the bitter words, there was regret on Wynn's face. The prepared leaves have a faint odour and bitter taste; and to preserve their properties they must be kept excluded from light in stoppered bottles. What does bitter pill to swallow expression mean? An address delivered on the occasion of the laying of the foundation stone was published, with an appendix containing a strong attack on the influence of the Church of England, which gave rise to a long and bitter controversy. Find more ways to say bitter, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Since that time the Magyarization of the principality has steadily been carried through, in spite of the bitter protests and discontent of both the Saxons and Rumanians. I went to see my dark prince, Lewis Black. The nation now plucked bitter fruit from the seed planted by Otto the Great in assuming the imperial crown and by a long line of kings and emperors in lavishing worldly power upon tile church. You can run Arevan: The Bitter Truth on all modern Windows OS operating systems. He urged on the bill by which Catholics were prohibited from sitting in either House of Parliament, and was bitter in his expressions of disappointment when the Commons passed a proviso excepting James, against whom the bill was especially aimed, from its operation. He received Feltre, Belluno and Cividale from the Hungarian king, but in 1369 a frontier dispute led to war between him and Venice. Almost the first act of his reign was the suppression of a rebellion under Talha and Zobair, who were instigated by Ayesha, Mahomet's widow, a bitter enemy of Ali, and one of the chief hindrances to his advancement to the caliphate. The technical terms round which such bitter controversies raged in the 4th and 5th centuries are often found in Origen lying peacefully side by side. Another word for bitter. Instead of loathing about it, take the initiative to reach out to your loved ones. But in the decline of life he reaped the bitter fruits of his lack of self-control, and sank into the grave a weary and brokenhearted old man. This work he published, under the title The Gospel worthy of all Acceptation, soon after his settlement in Kettering; and although it immediately involved him in a somewhat bitter controversy which lasted for nearly twenty years, it was ultimately successful in considerably modifying the views prevalent among English dissenters. He refused to follow Bismarck in his financial and economic policy after 1878; always unsympathetic to the chancellor, he was now selected for his most bitter attacks. It is found, however, that all the soluble salts are bitter, whilst the tasteless ones are insoluble. This changed point of view, needless to say, has not been reached without ardent and even bitter controversy. Check the meaning of bitter. This meant that the American type of colonial life would be reproduced in Canada; but it meant also bitter hostility on the part of these colonists to the United States, which refused in any way to compensate the loyalists for their confiscated property. All the high posts and offices were filled by men sent from Spain, with the result that bitter jealousy reigned between them and the nativeborn colonists (criollos). first to endure bitter opposition and ridicule from the academic writers then in power, but they supported this with cheerfulness, and answered back in their magazines Polyfem and Fosforos (1810-1813). 5) Wade and Davis published in the New York Tribune the famous "Wade-Davis Manifesto," a vituperative document impugning the President's honesty of purpose and attacking his leadership. Said of people who want the truth so they can change their ways. Baisa Bol, Bhesa Bol or Bissa Bol, from Balsamodendron Kataf, resembles true myrrh in appearance, but has a disagreeable taste and is scarcely bitter. 0. Aug 24, 2019 - Explore Surinder Goyal's board "Bitter Truth", followed by 310 people on Pinterest. But the missionaries were not interested in the settlement of the country by Europeans, the fur traders were generally opposed to it, there was bitter strife between the missionaries and Cadillac, and the French system of absolutism in government and monopoly in trade were further obstacles to progress. 48. Examples of Bitter in a sentence My wife was bitter towards me after she found out that I had been hanging around an old girlfriend from school, even though we didn’t do anything. This had not hitherto been done, and the claim of the Episcopalians for this liberty had been the occasion of a bitter controversy. Home Truth. Oranges and lemons, excluded from the plateau by the severity of the Winter cold, are grown in great quantities on the plains of Andalusia and all round the Mediterranean coast; the peel of the bigarade or bitter orange is exported to Holland for the manufacture of curacao; and figs, almonds, pomegranates, carobs and other southern fruits are also grown abundantly in all the warmer parts, the first two even in central Spain and the more sheltered parts of the northern maritime provinces. He was shocked by the ferocious language of his party, and himself gave offence by his bitter jests (Plut. While the first riots occurred in the Punjab and Madras, it is only in Bengal and eastern Bengal that the unrest has been bitter and continuous. Fact. The only portion of the community which had no privileges were the Jews, first introduced into Poland by Boleslaus the Pious, duke of Great Poland, in 1264, when bitter persecutions had driven them northwards from the shores of the Adriatic. fel, is used for anything extremely bitter, whether actually or metaphorically. This policy received the approval and sympathy of the majority of Brazilians, but naturally met with bitter opposition from the military element. But Henrys bitter humiliations transformed his character; they brought out all his latent capacities of manliness. Most venoms are tasteless, but cobra poison is said to be disagreeably bitter. In 1841 Father Peter John De Smet (1801-1872), a Belgian Jesuit missionary established Saint Mary's Mission in Bitter Root Valley, but, as the Indians repeatedly attacked the mission, it was abandoned in 1850. OpenSubtitles2018.v3. Severe integrity and memorable public services raised Carnot far above his colleagues, but he was not a statesman and was hampered by his past. Bitter & thousands of English and Urdu words Synonyms, definition and meaning. There is some self-interest behind every friendship. Truthfulness. A bitter principle to which the name of quercin has been applied by Gerber, its discoverer, has also been detected in the acorn of the common oak; the nutritive portion seems chiefly a form of starch. Bitter experience had shown him that their federal doctrines and revolutionary methods could lead to nothing in harmony with the aspirations of the majority of Spaniards. Charles Todd’s A Bitter Truth interweaves the vices of war with the failings of families into a psychologically and historically compelling mystery set in England in 1917. SAM. In one of his letters home at this period he calls the campaign a "tissue of mismanagement, blunders, errors, ignorance and arrogance"; and outspoken criticism such as this brought him many bitter enemies throughout his career, who made the most of undeniable faults of character. Sanskar tells, how is family?. But on July loth, 1909, he was defeated in a discussion in the Chamber on the state of the navy, in which bitter words were exchanged between him and Delcasse; and he at once resigned, being succeeded as premier by M. The mineral springs, which yield bitter alkaline waters, are situated in the plain south of the Blocksberg, and are over 40 in number. Bitter Almond: almond trees having white blossoms and poisonous nuts yielding an oil used for flavoring and for medicinal purposes.. Truth in Sentences. Truth is bitter. The efforts of Ladislaus of Hungary to mediate were vain, and the years 1497 and 1498 were marked by a terrible devastation of Poland by the Ottomans; only the bitter winter, which is said to have killed 40,000 Turks, prevented the devastation from being more complete. Cant's frequent and bitter attacks on various members of his congregation led in 1660 to complaints laid before the magistrates, in consequence of which he resigned his charge. Juniper, cinnamon, carraway, camomile, cloves and other flavouring agents are also employed in conjunction with the bitter principles, alcohol and sugar. Tweet on Twitter . It occurs naturally in the form of the glucoside amygdalin (C20H27N011), which is present in bitter almonds, cherries, peaches and the leaves of the cherry laurel; and is obtained from this substance by hydrolysis with dilute acids: C20H27N011+2H20 =HCN+2C6H,206+C6H5CHO. The poor queen was surrounded by intrigues and plots, and although the people of the coast towns loved her, the Cypriot nobles were her bitter enemies and hostile to Venetian influence. 2 His bitter foe is his uncle; the germs of dualism appear early. Even in his massy and elaborate Dictionary he had, with a strange want of taste and judgment, inserted bitter and contumelious reflexions on the Whig party. Odia Proverb -Truth Is Bitter Oriya proverb Truth is bitter. In fact, it is a miracle we have them at all. The claim “truth is always bitter” can and has been used to impose opinions and labels on people we misunderstand. He would see the mockery out to the bitter end. The bitter list of example sentences with bitter. The taste is mucilaginous, sweetish and slightly bitter and aromatic. prevented him from carrying out his planned crusade against Bohemia, his successor was a scarcely less bitter enemy of the country. I say the bitter truth, but many people don't want to hear it." The specific rotation of a freshly prepared solution is 105°, but this value gradually diminishes to 52.5°, 24 hours sufficing for the transition in the cold, and a few minutes when the solution is boiled. Between churchmen of Irish and English race there was bitter rivalry; but the theory that the ancient Celtic church remained independent, and as it were Protestant, while the English colony submitted to the Vatican, is a mere controversial figment. In Virginia the tide-water leaders urged adoption, while the upcountry men, following Henry, opposed; but after a long and a bitter struggle, in the summer of 1788 the new instrument was accepted, the low-country winning by a majority of ten votes, partly through the influence of James Madison. During the reign of Anne he remained a member of the privy council, and was one of the commissioners appointed to arrange the terms of the union of England and Scotland; but, to his bitter disappointment, his claims to the primacy were twice passed over. His edict prohibiting all commercial intercourse with the enemy at once aroused against him the bitter hostility of the merchants of Holland and Zeeland, who thrived by such traffic. Truth in Detail. Thus we find that the bitter years of the Kulturkampf extricated the Vatican from one of the most difficult situations in which it had ever been placed. A bitter struggle went on, however, till the 14th century, when a trial resulted in a judgment against the burgesses. In this, despite bitter opposition, he made many significant changes. 148. In the course of time party strife became more bitter; real issues were lost sight of; and Papineau, falling in with the views of one O'Callaghan, who distrusted everything British, became an annexationist. This action was opposed by the church of New York City, and partly through this difference and partly because of quarrels over the denominational control of King's College (now Columbia), five members of the Coetus seceded, and as the president of the Coetus was one of them they took the records with them; they were called the Conferentie; they organized independently in 1764 and carried on a bitter warfare with the Coetus (now more properly called the American Classis), which in 1766 (and again in 1770) obtained a charter for Queen's (now Rutgers) College at New Brunswick. They had knocked heads and locked wills over the death of a Bird Song guest during the prior January's Ice Climbing Festival when bitter words were exchanged. In 216 he ravaged Mesopotamia because Artabanus, the Parthian king, refused to give him his daughter in marriage. Proverb Oriya Language : ସତ କଥା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କୁ ପିତା!

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